New Rules and Regulations for COVID-19

English and Chinese version available below

– All washrooms and change rooms will open as of stage 3 (July 31), other public areas will remain closed
– Masks must be worn at all times within the building, except for when you are on court as the new mandatory mask bylaw comes into effect July 7. If you do not have a mask, disposable masks will be sold at the front desk.Thank you in advance for adhering to the new policies in order to keep everyone safe!
– Doubles allowed ONLY if you and your partner are from the SAME 10 people social bubble

Additional safety rules:
– NO handshakes, high fives, or any physical contact at all times
– Do NOT touch any equipment other than your own, including nets, bird tubes, chairs, rackets etc (if you need help with net set up, please ask the front desk)
– Try to touch the bird as little as possible with your hands, use your racket to pick up and pass the bird
– Sit in the SAME SEAT. Do NOT move seats
– All other health and sanitation rules such as 2m and washing hands as dictated by the health and safety act