Chaopai Challenge – Monday

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, Epic sports will temporarily cancel the Monday challenge until further notice, we thank you for your support!

Test your double skills on Monday night at epic sports!
Chaopai challenge is a doubles kings court ladder that runs from 8pm-10pm every Monday. Birds and courts are included in the $10 entree fee as well as a raffle ticket. Those who win the most on the “king’s court” will win an additional raffle entry. Raffles will be held at the first Monday of every month with great prizes sponsored by Chaopai!

You can sign up with a partner you love to play with for the best results! But dont worry if you do not have one, we can match you up with other individuals.

Kings court is a tournament format where the strongest court is called the “king’s court”. Winners will advance their way to the “king’s court”. Upon losing a match, the team will start back at the beginning and work their way back up.